An Exciting Door County Mystery with Romantic Elements

by An Award-Winning Door County Author

Adam Story had it all– youth, the good looks of a blonde god, an amazing talent, and the adoration of the women close to him.
Then why one day, without an explanation to anyone, did he pack a bag with nothing but essentials and drive away without looking back, never to return. Where is he? What happened to him? Is he even still alive?
Only one man might know: Adam’s brother, Charles Story, who
brings his bride home to the great house on the wild coast overlooking the vast waters of Green Bay. Claire is determined
to solve the secret of Adam that haunts the husband she loves.

Bit by painful bit, she puts the pieces together. In the end, she learns the horrific truth that nearly costs her her life.

June 26, 2018 in eBook
Autumn, 2018 in Paperback