Author’s Note

The Mysterious Disappearance of Adam Story
and All the Books That Came Before It


Writing a book isn’t easy.  It demands a strong storyline wrapped around characters that come to life.  Some authors start with their characters.  Others, like me, begin with a plot.  But no plot, no matter how solid, is any good without the characters to drive it.  How do you make those characters?  Bit by bit, usually with their looks coming first.  Is he handsome?  Is she beautiful? Fine, but it’s unique characters that capture attention.  Things like a cleft chin, a widow’s peak, wide shoulders, etc.  Let your imagination be your guide.  The important parts that bring characters to life aren’t necessarily their looks but what they are like inside.  Include backgrounds, emotions, habits, interests, quirks, personalities with flaws and passions, and what they want or don’t want.  All these make you love or hate them.

A book isn’t like a short story.  It needs to hold a reader’s attention throughout with interesting scenes that are exciting or maybe quiet but always active. Conflict is the key, and it is not resolved until that happily ever after ending that satisfies the reader.  Remember we’re talking romances here.

One last thing.  You’d better love your book because if you don’t, your readers won’t like it either.